The TD range of adjustable supports for installing timber decking onto roofs and balconies built to a fall

Wallbarn offers solutions to installation of timber decking on balconies and roof decks with the development of a flat-headed and joist-headed support pads, specifically for timber decking.

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With the increasing amount of timber decks being laid, Wallbarn needed to ensure that its fast, simple and durable system of suspended deck finishing applied to timber as well as paving slabs.

Fixing timber decking is fast and easy using our system.


These support pads are similar to the ASP range, but manufactured with a set of joist peg fittings placed either 40mm or 60mm apart. We also have a new headpiece with an extra wide joist holder 90mm apart. This has been designed to hold a larger timber joist. See below for further details.

Wallbarn Timber Decking Support Pads

Wallbarn Timber Decking Support Pads

The adjustable supports are placed 600mm apart and are adjusted to accommodate the fall in the roof deck, and the joist bearers are simply slotted between the joist holders, placed at 40mm, 60mm or 90mm apart. For further flexibility users can install the TD Mobile Head adjustable height support pad.

The timber joists are suspended off the deck, meaning none of the wood is exposed to standing water and the joists are not standing directly on the waterproofing membrane which might lead to damage. There is no need to mechanically fix the supports into the membrane; this is a completely free standing system.

There is no risk of them moving off the head piece and no bonding or fixings onto the support itself are required.


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Wallbarn has recently developed a new headpiece for the TD range, with a set of joist holders 90mm (rather than 60mm) apart.

On occasion our customers have asked for solutions when laying much larger joist frameworks, so we adapted the design of out TD headpiece to create a detachable headpiece with two pegs set at a much wider distance apart, to hold and house these larger pieces of timber.

These are non-standard items so customers need to be sure to ask for the 90mm wide joist headpiece when ordering TD supports. They will fit onto the entire TD range, from 25mm up to 220mm.


A joist framework is constructed and secured to take the upper surfacing. The roof or podium deck will be built to help with drainage, but by twisting the stems on the supports the joist framework can be built spirit-level flat, creating a much higher quality finish.

It is important to secure the battens together to create a sturdy, stable, weight bearing surface. Pipework, cables and unsightly services can be concealed beneath this framework easily. By hiding such services away beneath the decking, the amount of space on the roof terrace or balcony available for the end user is increased, increasing the yield of the building footprint.

The top decking is then fixed onto the joists using ordinary wood screws.

Because of the ease of construction, roofing contractors can complete these projects themselves, rather than using specialist (and often expensive) sub-contracting carpenters.


Timber decking is thus fast, easy and cost effective to install. Beautiful, natural features can be achieved on terraces and roof decks

We recommend that support pads are placed a maximum of 600mm apart to eliminate the risk of the timber joists bouncing and weight overloading by too much span.

Unlike laying joists onto concrete or metal blocks, or even onto timber itself, by using Wallbarn support pads installers can be sure that there is no risk of damage to the waterproof layer below.

Because Wallbarn adjustable pads are a standardised design, applicators are able to lay timber decking and paving using the same type of products, creating attractive areas quickly and easily.


And with the new base level slope corrector, contractors can be assured of completely flat, stable paving.


These wedge shaped levellers clip into the base plate and ensure the slabs do not rock or tilt as the slope is corrected at the bottom, so the force of gravity is still going directly vertical. Therefore the top of the pad is totally flat. This eliminates the often time consuming process of snapping levelling shims into quadrants and trying to get the levels correct.

They are available in 3 sizes;
1% (1 in 100 slope , 0.57 °) ; 2% (1 in 50 slope, 1.11 °) and 3% (1 in 33 slope , 1.71 °)

Slope correctors can now be used on all TD and Megapads


T E C H N I C A L   D A T A
Code Support height Head diameter Base plate diameter Width between lugs Lug height Weight tolerance Temperature tolerance
TD25F 25mm fixed 120mm 200mm 40mm, 60mm or 90mm 18.5mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
TD35F 35mm fixed 120mm 200mm 40mm, 60mm or 90mm 18.5mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
MEG TD 22 22-30mm 150mm 150mm 60mm 18.5mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
MEG TD 28 28-37mm 150mm 150mm 60mm 18.5mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
TD35 35-50mm 120mm 200mm 40mm, 60mm or 90mm 18.5mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
TD50 50-70mm 120mm 200mm 40mm, 60mm or 90mm 18.5mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
TD65 65-100mm 120mm 200mm 40mm, 60mm or 90mm 18.5mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
TD95 95-130mm 120mm 200mm 40mm, 60mm or 90mm 18.5mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
TD125 125-160mm 120mm 200mm 40mm, 60mm or 90mm 18.5mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
TD155 155-190mm 120mm 200mm 40mm, 60mm or 90mm 18.5mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
TD185 185-220mm 120mm 200mm 40mm, 60mm or 90mm 18.5mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
TD 210 ** 210-245mm 120mm 200mm 40mm, 60mm or 90mm 18.5mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
TD 240 ** 240-275mm 120mm 200mm 40mm, 60mm or 90mm 18.5mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
TD 270 ** 270-305mm 120mm 200mm 40mm, 60mm or 90mm 18.5mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
TD 300 ** 300-335mm 120mm 200mm 40mm, 60mm or 90mm 18.5mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C
TD 330 ** 330-365mm 120mm 200mm 40mm, 60mm or 90mm 18.5mm 400kg -40°C to +75°C

** Two part kit – part A = headpieces, baseplates and stems, part B = extension shank


Slope correctors can be added to flat headed supports:

























For heights greater than 380mm please see the new MEGAPAD TD page for details on how to extend the TD further in height.

Flat headed support pads are available for very large timber battens, irregular sections, corners or supporting under plates.  Please contact us for further details.

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